About the fund

The Madrague Equity Long/Short Fund employs a global equity long/short strategy with the investment object to generate the highest possible absolute returns with low accompanying levels of risk. The Fund seeks investment returns from both the acquisition and the short selling of shares across most sectors with a focus on equity securities of companies listed on European exchanges. The typical geographical concentration is 50% in Europe (ex-Nordics), 30% in the Nordic countries and 20% in North America.

The investment process is strongly fundamentally driven, coupled with active management of the portfolio to reflect the portfolio managers’ current view on the risk/return potential of each position.

Portfolio construction is supplemented with derivatives with the aim to be resilient against substantial negative trends in the equity markets.

The Fund’s goal is to provide investors with the maximum absolute return on invested capital over the recommended holding period regardless of the general market trend.

The Fund is a AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) regulated by CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) in Luxembourg.