How to Invest

The Madrague Equity Long/Short Fund has several share classes. The share class terms differ with respect to base currency, fee arrangements and/or fee levels.

Shareclass ISIN Minimum Subscription Management Fee Performance Fee
Class A EUR LU0724580104  EUR 125 000
(or equivalent in share class
1,5% 15% (individual)
Class B USD LU0724580369 1,5% 15% (individual)
Class C SEK LU0724581094 1,5% 15% (individual)
Class D SEK LU1547491792 SEK 1 500 000 1,5% 15% (collective)
Class E SEK LU1547491875 SEK 100 000 2,0% 15% (collective)

All share classes are open for weekly subscription and redemption. The subscription day is every Thursday, except in the weeks containing the month end, where the subscription day shall be the first business day of the month.

Applications to subscribe for shares in the Fund may be made through Madrague Capital Partners AB directly or through our distribution partners. If applying through one of our distribution partners, please pay attention to their cut-off times for subscribing as they may differ from the Fund’s Subscription Form.


Option 1:

You can contact one of our distribution partners and subscribe for Fund shares through their fund platforms. Your financial advisor will be able to assist. Below are some of the banks and distribution platforms that can be used to subscribe for shares in the fund.

Danske Bank
Max Matthiessen

Option 2:

You can also subscribe for Fund shares directly with us by completing the Subscription Form. It is important that you follow the steps below before transferring funds for the subscription of Fund shares. This applies regardless of which share class you want to invest in.

Step 1: Complete the Subscription Form

Investors subscribing for the first time are required to complete the entire Subscription Form and provide the requested documentation for anti-money laundering / Know Your Customer purposes. The Subscription Form is available below or a paper copy may be requested from us on 08-124 495 00 or email

Step 2: Submit a scanned copy of the completed Subscription Form and anti-money laundering / Know Your Customer documentation to

Step 3: Transfer funds to the bank details listed in the Subscription Form. The Subscription Form and certified copies are to be sent to:

Citco Fund Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
Investor Relations Group
Carré Bonn
20, rue de la Poste
P.O. Box 230
L – 2012 Luxembourg

Download more information

 Subscription document